I’ve Got This Sinking Feeling In My Gut

Hello Fiends,

Here is another excerpt from a little book of death poems I am writing called ‘101 Ways To Die, Accidents, Murders, And Other Techniques To Lose A Life’. This little morsel involves our favorite Victorian serial killer with a penchant for organ removal. Enjoy!

I’ve Got This Sinking Feeling In My Gut

In the hours past midnight
Taking a shortcut home
Down a damp, dark alley
Chilled to the bone

A hard day on the job
Not the profession you think
A harlot, a whore
A woman of the streets

As the fog rolls in
Not a human in sight
The sound of footsteps
Fills your body with fright

A quick glance behind
But no one is there
Just your mind playing tricks
Then a shadow appears

You scream for help
Hope to be saved
Too fast, he’s upon you
With the glint of his blade

Away from prying eyes
Murder most foul
A slit across the throat
Then surgically disemboweled

Thanks for reading,
~Curtis Rx

PS. If you would like to read the other sinister poems I have posted from ‘101’ Ways To Die’, please click HERE.

25 Responses to I’ve Got This Sinking Feeling In My Gut

  1. Frankenmegan

    *love* it. Anything Jack the Ripper related is always my favorite things ever.

  2. Oh my, that poem was so ghastly, and horrendous. I liked it a lot! Keep up the ghoulish tales 😀

  3. Abbi

    How terrible! I love it!

  4. Grimm13

    Absolutely amazing good sir!

    And perfectly creepy that you would right a poem about ol’ saucy Jack whilst I am writing a story that starts off with him. I think I channeled too much of you a while back.


  5. Jamie Horror

    So sinister and dark. Love it! (:

  6. You, sir, are a brilliantly sadistic man. And I, for one, LOVE IT! Every one of these is absolutley gutwrenching (pun intended). It’s very Poe-esque. Of course, I’m sure you meant it that way, being all inspired by him and such. Anyhoo, well done! 10 out of 5 chainsaws!

  7. joanne

    that was good! I’d may have hit upon the suspected origins of jack, like his aristocracy. but i liked that you hinted towards the surgical precision with which the poor lasses were relieved of their organs for the daily grind, pun intended!

  8. kau

    A great death!!!!! The images coming in my head,
    a London time…
    one blade with a smile
    teeth in the shine!
    luv you dear one

  9. katie

    oh, nice.
    love it man.

  10. Kristen

    I love you and everything you do (;

  11. BekkyS.

    That’s what prostitutes get for being…prostitutes.

  12. Bruna

    I’m with you on that one Bekky!
    Loved it Curtis!

  13. 6

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  14. haha, oh BRILLIANT.
    Funny, that I was just thinking of the Batman Brave and the Bold episode where they have their own answer for Jack the Ripper….which happens to Gentleman Ghost…hmm. Was that a little off topic? Pardon me.

  15. STrabius

    This is wonderful. Well written and gory, I love it.

  16. mandieville666

    Good times Good times.
    I always said they’d never catch me!

  17. Awesome, all of them are! When will this book come out?

  18. Jess

    This is amazingly written.
    I love it ^^

    …Wait, book?!
    I’ll be preordering that! Great job, Curtis!

  19. MissManiacal

    I’m currently writing a paper on Jack’s identity. :]

  20. InsanityMassMurder

    This was some awesome poem! I had to read it out loud and got goosebumbs ~<3

  21. Dark,Grell's Kid

    Oh,that REALLY reminds me of Kuroshitsuji♥

  22. Meee

    FFFF— A book?
    I might have read wrong, but if not, is it out yet!?
    I want it already 😀

  23. Julie

    Very preatty, you and Edgar Allan Poe are on my list of poets I’ll read

  24. darkbloodtheif

    i love it this should be a song you would just need to repeat the fourth stanza a few times

  25. Angela

    Remind me to never walk home alone again…

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