There Is Plenty More Blood Where That Came From!

Hey fiends,

I wanted to write a blog entry to thank everybody who has taken the time to explore my website, read my writing, leave a comment, and tell their friends about Villains And Vaudevillians. The response has been great and I am going to do my best to post a few times a week and always keep fresh content on the site, so don’t forget to check back daily. I’m working on a hundred different projects at once, but this is the place where I will post sneak peaks of everything. If you have any suggestions, questions about any of the stories, a particular section you would like to see on the site, or anything else, please leave a comment here on this post and let me know.

If you would like to help spread the word about my website, please write a post about it on your myspace, facebook, twitter, blog, deviant art, etc. Here is the banner, just copy and paste from the scroll box below and post wherever you would like a maniacal comic book version of me:


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Soon heads will roll,
~Curtis Rx

15 Responses to There Is Plenty More Blood Where That Came From!

  1. well so far you are doing really well with the website and the other hundred things you are working on! good luck on getting them all done!

  2. mara

    Awesome! 😀
    I have to say, I really adore the site, particularly the “Weird History” essays. It’s really nice that you’ve chosen to include us fans and our opinions – Makes things even more amazing.I’ve a feeling that friends of mine will not hear the end of my promotion though. :)

  3. eepshyes

    I would like a maniacal comic book version of you everywhere. *creepy smile*

    I do love the site and the tweets. You should post more short stories, though.

  4. Kau

    Ah! I think that it is a great idea ah? well I put and you saw.
    I take you for where I go. Always, a kind of caress! =)
    And of course, wait more blood………. a frenesy!
    I luv typewriter… Old time when I was a kid, my dad have one
    and I play with it. I think that this draw is a perfect version of yu. =)
    bites =***

  5. MindlessZombie

    Well so far everything is great, but it would be awesome if you could do webisodes from time to time. Other then that I don’t really have anything else to put in, keep up the good work! 😀

  6. I really like your website because it’s not just about you. Thanks, I like variety. Thanks for giving me news on weirdness. Maybe you should make a list on recommended horror films. I mean, maybe for someone who never go into that kind of thing and would like to. Give them a list of films or comics to check out. But, not just the Halloween series or Friday 12th. Maybe, films that have been undeappreciated. I don’t know that much and I would like to more about this kind of thing.

  7. I just discovered a typo! I meant Friday the 13th…..O man….. I feel silly…… >.<

  8. Ira Paul

    You’re welcome.I like the ‘Stories’ and ‘Poems’ sections best.They give a lot of space for imagination and thoughts.I just posted a topic about this website at one Creature Feature page I told you some time ago.Now,I’m one of the admins of this page,so be sure to have a good promotion here in my country 😉

  9. I know how the “100 projects at one time” thing feels, so I’d say you’re doing a wonderful job with the website. I’d love to read more of your poetry and short stories. I’ve actually been debating on illustrating some of your poems, they just beg for visuals!

    I will be sure to write a blog post shortly, and I posted a link on my Deviantart the night it was unveiled. 😉

    ~Miss Delirium

  10. Kristen

    Your site is rad! Keep it going and, by the way, the Weird History section is so my cup of tea. I’m a nerd for that stuff. 😀 Anyways, I love what you’ve done with the place.

  11. trisha leckrone

    no need to thank us…im sure all of us enjoys your stories, poems, and everything else so much that WE should THANK YOU!!! For bringing something for us to read and learn that only WE would think about but no oen dicusses… :)
    thanks for the entertaining us ghouls and making us feel like we are not alone…

    p.s. i already spread the word about this site and your band… 😉

  12. Natalee

    I just have to say that this is one of my few favorite sites to come to. I love the poems and stories sections. You are an excellent writer.
    Looking forward to more poetry :]

  13. Anchorshark

    no problem ^^
    i have been a fan since, hmm… i’d say the middle of last year ^^
    i highly enjoy your site, and everything on it, it’s so cool! i can’t wait to read the entries yet to come 😀

  14. JackHammer_MFZB

    I’d Like To Hear More Info On Any Work That Has Gone Into A New CF CD And Your Book Of Poems… Did You Decide Not To Go Forward With The Book And Instead Just Post The Poems Here?

  15. I am looking forward to future posts

    Ill spread the good word

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