Brand New Song Posted: “Once More, With Gusto”!

Hello boils and ghouls,

As mentioned in one of my latest blog entries, I’ve been keeping extremely busy with a ton of strange projects and constantly jumping back and forth between all different kinds of genres. So, as a little thank you for all your support, I wanted to post a sneak peak here of some of the instrumental music I’ve been composing for film and various web series. It’s entitled “Once More, With Gusto” and the project it was written for will be announced very soon, so please keep on the lookout for that. I’m sure this song will go through a few more metamorphoses, but consider this the first edition.

Without further adieu, here is “Once More, With Gusto”.

If you’ve got the time, please leave a comment on this post. I’d love to know what you think? I’ll also be posting this song over on my Myspace page in case anybody needs a new theme song for their page.

Hope all is well,
~Curtis Rx

PS. If you liked what you’ve heard, please help spread the word. This song has been ripped out from the protective embrace of the womb and thrust out into the alien landscape of this new and dangerous world. It is afraid and all alone. It needs human contact and somebody to sit down and hear its tale.

82 Responses to Brand New Song Posted: “Once More, With Gusto”!

  1. AmbyWerewolf

    Very neat!
    Sounds whimsical yet morbid. Like a strange skeleton sideshow or a magic show! I wonder if this is a soundtrack for something.

  2. Sami Cyanide

    I want this for my iPod. I wanna run around campus and listen to this all day long. I want this to be my theme song. I love it so much and can’t wait for the whole project and be like “I know who scored this!”
    You never cease to amaze me.

    Love and Zombies,

  3. This is brilliant! The sound of it is something I can’t quite describe and in short, I love it. (It actually reminds me of the video game Psychonauts. Which is definitely a good thing in my book.) It’s definitely going on my myspace when you post it up over there. I can’t wait to hear more about this project!

    Stay Spooky!
    ~Miss Delirium

  4. MindlessZombie

    I can’t wait to hear the finished verison of this, but I’ll love to see how you top this =)

  5. It sounds like it would make for a very fun, spooky burlesque number! :)

    @AmbyWerewolf I definitely see skeletons when I hear this.

  6. I dig it.

    Also I think my name is not goth enough to be posting here.

  7. oh, dude. i dig this. it’s awesome.

  8. I love it! I had a mental picture of a demented carnival, or a evil organ grinder .

  9. Very lovely. The music reminds me very deeply of an old, silent cartoon. Something Chaplain would act in : )

    The track itself seems to describe a character of a happily strange demeanor though the core rhythm repeats itself; it would be perfect for a walk cycle. The unusual mix of instruments brings out the personality of a character who The Ministry of Silly Walks would be jealous of. :3

  10. This is awesome! I’m loving it!!! =)

  11. Aliehs

    I like it, I hope you come up with awesome lyrics for it. :]

  12. AlexisMacabre

    i really liked it :]
    the beat was really awesome and catchy.

  13. Teddi

    If they animated a cartoon about murder and conniving villains with twirly mustaches and blood everywhere…that’s what would it sound like.
    It sounds like a gorey cartoon.
    It’s repetitive, but it’s also only a minute long.
    I’m pretty much excited

  14. Sov

    I fucking love it! Can’t wait to hear more.

    Season’s Beatings!

  15. Diloom

    I love it, can’t wait to hear more.
    really catchy, nice beat <3

  16. Vonny

    I like the sound, even though it’s not as rockish as your music usually is. Personally I like both; I can picture an absolutely mischievous macabre promo for this or something.
    I’d like to hear a tad more of where you’d want to take it before I say more, though. 😀

  17. Anchorshark

    Omg!! Love it!! It reminds me of Nightmare before Christmas or something. Very Tim Burton-like^^
    Can’t wait to hear another!!^^
    Wish we could have done something like that in our show! =)

  18. 6

    I like it! It sounds very whimsical yet spooky. Can’t wait to hear the finished version!!

  19. Angel

    I enjoyed it! But if it’s “Once more, with Gusto”…you might consider throwing some stronger base tones or something to give it a bit of that OOMPH just to make a almost over the top…and there, you have Gusto :)

  20. Caz

    Mr. Rx, you never cease to amaze me.

  21. Great track, I love how upbeat and “wandering through the circus” it is.

  22. Danii

    It’s not even don’t and I can already tell that I’m going to go insane listening to it over and over when it’s actually finished

    I love the whimsical feeling it has,or in other words,awesome!!

  23. Ms_Darkness

    Oh my, I feel as though I have just stepped back in time to witness a morbidly humorous silent film about twisted carnival folk. Twists acted that only the truly morbid can love dance through my head with blood soaked blades. This doll most certainly approves.

  24. MikeV

    This now ranks up there as one of my favorites of yours. The quirky meets the macabre flows delightfully well. Can’t wait for a full release! Now this tune IS going on my myspace page too!

  25. maroongrad

    Played that for my guy, and we agreed, it sounds a lot like the old Mickey Mouse shorts. I loved it. :)

  26. Lillian T.

    it’s one catchy song!

  27. max

    i particularly liked the electronic zapping noise at the end (if thats what it was) and that should be expanded upon coz its really rarely used, gives an electric chair or tesla coil kinda feel

  28. Zhyd

    Very solid beginning! It was pleasant to listen to, but (in my very humble opinion) it could stand to be a little “punchier.” All in all, the makings of a very memorable song! Good luck!

  29. XxCreatureFanXx

    I love all the little sound effects in here!
    they seem really fitting.
    I like this a ton. <3
    ~ Tracie

  30. 35MinutesAgo

    That was awesome! A very fun little ditty. I kept imagining it as the background music to a video game. (That would make it the best video game ever, obviously) All in all, it was quite mischievous.

  31. Trelbee

    It’s a very good beginning. I like all the different “fun instrument sounds” you managed to mix in there. Keep going with it and it’ll be perfect soon.

  32. you know that i luv all that you do! and this new song reminded me so much of a mischievously dark carnival and even a bit of the haunted mansion ride..

    i so luv it!!

  33. Karen R.

    this sounds like creepy carnival music or something….like i’m trapped in the hall of mirrors and am being chased by scary looking clowns. it’s excellently eccentric and i’m planning on listening to this right before i go to sleep to see what ghoulish dreams it produces.

  34. Noir

    I love it! Is it a theme song or some type of soundtrack music? It sounds like it. It’s well structured, has great audio effects, and is really catchy! It’s pretty amazing for something that is a first edition. Wish you well working on it!

  35. MaliciousPatient

    OOHh! This is amazing!! but 1 minute and 16 seconds is not NEARLY long enough! I can easily imagine listening to this on my ipod as I have an eerie midnight stroll! So Im excited to hear the end result of this! 😀

  36. Ha. Love it.
    Sounded a little bit Danny Elfman-ish??

  37. Moz

    A mischievous little tune, a treat for the ears.

    My mother also wishes me to inform you that she likes it as well. It reminded her of a one-man band at a carnival.

  38. strangelilgirl

    haha. thats awesome! =)
    it sound a bit like a cartoon in a italian pizzaria 😛

  39. Somerley

    Dear God man,
    I love this!! Definitely the pick-me-up I needed after losing my baby (notebook) today to the plagues of infection. You are a CONSTANT inspiration. <3
    Don't stop.

  40. My ears indulged with pleasure in the act of listening to this delightful music.
    Makes me want to hear more! Makes me want a whole album!

  41. kau

    fun fun I luv this first whispers boing toim of the music… =)
    yes you can put on the myspace,
    I really want something toim toim muahhh
    oh my out into alien landscape? I like green aliens.
    waiting for see more………. with gusto babyone
    luv yu

  42. This is wonderful!
    As with all instrumental songs, it tempts my mind into so many different images, with the chief one being a gentleman strolling down a street on a cheery sunny day, with many dreadful and gorey things occuring around him.

  43. Amber

    WOW! I liked it, made me want to dance an crazy dance! Cannot wait for the finished piece!!

  44. Amber

    Reminds me of those silent movies, like a horror film, with epic gore-ness and wicked weird fast movements like in silent films! XD one set in a carnival of sorts….

  45. Raven

    I have been working on a song that sounds alot like this…kinda gave up at the solo bit, but…

  46. bb

    I like the new song. What programs did you use in making it?
    It kind of reminds me of this song called Castanets Cookie by The Phantom Limbs.
    Feel free to write me back..that would be pretty cool.
    (email =
    aaaand i doubt you’ll respond to this.
    Keep Up the Spooky Work,
    – BB.

  47. Dean

    Damn yeah, Loving it man, keep up the great work.

  48. Bonnie

    Sounds very fun. Can’t wait to hear more. (=

  49. Skelterfield

    Fantastic. Skeletons are playing this one on their rib bones everywhere.

  50. I love this. It’s wonderful. Makes me want to giggle as I munch on the bones of my lunch. Hehe.

    Poor Wally.

    I hope to get this for my ipod! I want to have the first edition song after it’s all completed!

    Many Nightmares and Screams,

  51. Bluefur the wolf

    OMG I love it! Very catchy yet very evil. I love it!:D

  52. Jessie

    Amazing of course!

  53. Wonderfull as always!!! You boils rock! :)

  54. LOVE IT!!Are ya’ll gonna add lyrics? It’s awesome either way.

  55. Liam

    It reminds me of and old Playstation1 game backing music, on a haunted house level, something like gex the gecko, or crash bandicoot, so its rather fun sound.

  56. MigratoryZombie

    Sounds like an evil candy-man, to me. 😀

    You have no idea how much I want this on my iPod.

  57. Morbidular

    I lurv it. >w<

    It makes me want to sway zombie-like whilst wearing pink. xD

  58. BekkyS.

    MAGNIFICENT. AMAZING. You truely are fantastic. How you manage to be this amazing and not explode is beyond me. I love you with all my heart :) You’re even more amazing than The Amazing Mr.Bobo himself.(Mr.Bobo from Coraline.)

  59. Emilie

    I love it of course, in my opinion needs some echo or some effect to it or perhaps a bit more bass , eh i can’t really grasp what i’m saying @_@
    but i like where youre goin with it!<3

  60. Lilly

    Oh la la! I really, really like it especially as an instrumental piece.
    I also really like how it builds as it goes on, as if in the second they really put more gusto into it. Which is most likely the point!
    Can’t wait to hear more. :)

  61. JohnC

    This song is already warping my fragile little mind into committing evil deeds, Curtis, you’ve done it again :)

  62. jasmin

    ohv i LOVE the music but i miss some of curtis singing

  63. Raisin

    WoNdErFuL!! Awsome as usual. Did Erix assist with this? Your new music will be done with him also, wont it?

  64. bb

    This song is intriguing so far. I love the eerie music, its so catchy, and fills me with an euphoric glee. I can’t wait to hear the finished product!

  65. Moosey

    awesome! Reminds me of ghoulish old-school videogames.

  66. Steve

    Good i like it

  67. Oh wow, I really like this. For some reason, it almost reminds me of something I would hear off the game Psychonauts; which is not bad at all. It also reminds me of maybe going through a haunted place and finding a lab. I don’t know why.. But again, wonderful job and I can’t wait to hear more!

  68. Ms. Fish

    Oh my.
    Curtis, once again, it seems that your work refuses to fail at making my silly little mind drift of into evil plotting! (please excuse the sudden mad-scientist lab that’s decided to poof into reality)
    I love it so much, ‘I could just rip out your intestines and skip rope with them’! Baaahahaha
    I do very much look forward to all others that are expected to come. I wish you very much luck with the remaining of your strange projects ^^

  69. Austin Caudill

    All of forgoten and forsaken creatures love it! Please continue to work on these master peices of music and allow us long dead corpses to love your work and forever suport you. ^^

  70. Amber

    Absolutely brilliant! Too many artists’ have lost the ability to write instrumental only these days. I’m not at all shocked that you’re a breath of fresh air. :)

  71. purplebatattack

    It’s pretty intense. I feel like it captured nice bubbly sounding dark it be perfect. Sounds like perfect music to plan a zombie invasion to!

  72. Strabius

    This is amazing, sounds so fun yet evil! Great as usual, keep it up and I’ll give you a cookie! ^^

  73. aimee

    Fantastic! It makes me want to eat a candycane made of kittens. As usual I’m filled with pure delight!

  74. Harmony

    I think you’ll be happy to hear that my bird, who is the spawn of satan himself the little bastard, loves this song. He dances to it quite often… little snake with wings….>.>

    Also, I like it too

  75. mandieville666

    sounds like something i would have heard on one of my favourite tv shows and not dr who. more like edgar and ellen oh those fantastic creative mischievious beings of twins how i loves them! i definitely dig it!

  76. roxy

    love it, its nice and fun to hear :) with this little thing that makes it creepy and nice. its awesome. 😛 cant wait to hear more

  77. bleach sancho

    it actualy reminds me of a dr.steel song.

  78. Naomi

    It sounds like a video game song. I wish it had words =/

  79. Gabster

    hehe, I can picture myself rocking out to this all day on my ipod :) where can I download it???

  80. V Hill

    everything you create is awesome I enjoy the new sounds

  81. M.M.

    I love it, it’s kinda evil, but has this almost playful thing to it…it’s so fun to listen to!

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