And So It Begins!

Such Safety Finds Us Trembling Lambs Environed By Wolves.

25 Responses to And So It Begins!

  1. Your hair is so long now. <3 Aww I miss yous.

  2. Synful

    How exciting! XD

  3. Oh, I like the sound/looks of THAT.
    Can’t wait to see the other end of this tale. 😉

  4. KittieCorpse

    This looks amazing, I can’t wait!

  5. Bruna340

    Can’t wait to see more!! *-*

  6. I don’t think words exist that can express how excited I am at the moment.

  7. Raisin

    STFU! Awsome–i want more! =D

  8. EmVee

    Did I hear the Halloween theme? Or similar to it?
    I like. I’m excited.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  9. MandyMystery

    Ahh! What a great way to use that sacred tweet! You have no idea how much you’ve just boosted my day, good sir! ;]

  10. Frankenmegan

    Even though I’m sick and feel like crap, let it be known I’m doing a dance of joy right now.

    And your hair? I love it. You look good with long hair.

  11. *dances and squeals with complete extacy* HAHAWHEEEEYUSHOHMYGODYESSSS

  12. Arabella Muerte

    Your hair’s gotten long.
    Anyway…I was in super hyper mode while watching this. :)

  13. BekkyS.

    😀 do want more! Your hair is amazing!

  14. AprilCurse

    wait what? i didn’t see hiim D: am i retarded? but i like fell asleep halfway through cause it took a while for the point to get in…. sry lol

  15. kau

    a great thing to start the year……………… =)

  16. Raisin

    Ok so i figured out wich one is Curt but who are the other 2 guys in the vid?

  17. mandieville666

    was that eric? cause wow! and i have a skeleton too he’s dressed like indiana jones. what was in that drink?

  18. Dalen

    so is this video a hint to a new creature feature album???

  19. Vince

    So when you gonna play Seattle?

  20. Kristen

    good god, i love you. (;

  21. Hell yes. I cannot wait for a tour. Soon??

  22. Moriyah

    You can’t see it… but right now I am bounding around my apartment filled with excitement. More music to zombi… I mean create by!

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