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The Peculiar Press: Life, Uh, Finds A Way!

In Tel Aviv, a tree that has been extinct for nearly eighteen hundred years has sprouted back into existence proving one again the Jeff Goldblum is always right because “Life, uh, finds a way”. The Judean date palm, a once flourishing and prolific provider of shade, sustenance, and shelter to

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The Peculiar Press: Hearse Heist!

In Buffalo New York, a 28-year-old man thought he had stumbled upon the perfect plan to weasel his way out of $11,000 worth of trouble, but he was dead wrong. After finding himself in debt to his friendly neighborhood drug dealer, who was unhappy when the payment wasn’t delivered in

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The Peculiar Press: An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth, A Tooth In A Nose!

In Saudi Arabia, a twenty-two year old man finally decided to see a doctor after having mysterious nosebleeds for nearly three years only to discover the cause was a molar growing from the inside of his nasal cavity. The man originally didn’t give too much thought to his monthly nosebleeds,

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The Peculiar Press: A Whale Of A Tale!

In Farmington Utah, Sixty-nine year old Michael Woodson was scouring his small farm in search of a stray cow who wondered away from the herd, when he stumbled upon a thirty-three foot long deceased whale baking in the sun in the tall grass of his field. A bloated corpse of

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Welcome To The Peculiar Press!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! The Peculiar Press is a unique publication striving to bring you the latest news deemed too weird to grace the front pages of other newspapers, stories of the strange and the bizarre. These may seem like tall tales, but everything reported here is true.

The Peculiar Press: Don’t Put Too Much Of Yourself Into Your Work!

In Brooklyn, a twenty-two year old man working the graveyard shift at a tortilla factory died after accidentally falling into an industrial dough mixing machine.  As he slipped over the side, he was instantly sucked under and pinned downed by the large mixing blade. The blade itself is blunt, but

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The Peculiar Press: You Don’t Eat This Chicken, It Eats You!

In Central California, a thirty-five year old man was was stabbed to death by a rooster while attending an illegal cockfight last month. At this particular fight, the roosters had been equipped with razor sharp knives attached to their limbs, ensuring that there would only one bird left standing at

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The Peculiar Press: It’s Amazing What You Can Find At A Garage Sale!

In Florida, a retired man went bargain hunting at a local garage sale when he stumbled upon a box of fake bones sitting amongst a pile of miscellaneous holiday decorations. He dropped a measly sum of $8 on the bones and took them home to decorate his house for Halloween,

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The Peculiar Press: Crime Pays Peanuts!

In Mexico, two would-be criminals hijacked a semi-truck by gunpoint only to learn the hard way that crime really doesn’t pay. Truck hijacking has become the latest criminal trend in Mexico, with hijackers running off scot-free with truckloads of expensive televisions, computers, & household appliances to resell on the black

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The Peculiar Press: Abracadabra Prison Sentence!

In Africa, a 35-year-old man will not pass go and will not collect $200 because he is going straight to jail for casting a spell on his neighbor. The man got into an argument with his next door neighbor, but instead of throwing punches, he decided to cast a spell

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