Possessions For The Possessed

Welcome To Possessions For The Possessed!

It has been spoken of in rumors and nail biting tales of horror and evidence exists that this hidden bazaar of odd antiquities was the place where the doomed Monkey’s Paw was discovered. Here you just might have the chance to purchase an object that could change your fate forever.

Possessions For The Possessed: The Perfect Skull Chair!

Chairs for the most part are pretty boring, but now you don’t have to live under the iron rule of office chairs, bean bags, pleather sofas, and mass marketed Ikeaness. Behold the perfect skull chair to really bring your room together, whether it’s a cellar laboratory, a villain’s hidden lair,

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Tired Of Your Boring, Generic Pillows?

Hey fiends, Check out these two strange and fantastic pillows. The first was created by an artist named Keetra Dean Dixon and was created to look like a puddle of blood after a headshot. The second pillow was created by a company called Kropserkel to look like a severed horse

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Tonight I Shall Slumber In The Belly Of The Beast!

Hello fiends, Take a look at how amazing this sleeping bag is! This twisted creation crawled out of the brilliantly fractured brain of an Amsterdam based designer named Eiko Ishizawa and is definitely a delectably disturbing sight to see. I promise to grant perpetual youth to anybody who drops one

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Now That’s What I Call A Coffee Maker!

Hello fiends, Listen up Starbucks, this is what a coffee machine should look like. This Saeco Etienne Louis espresso machine is a gene-spliced abomination that looks like a cross between a futuristic sea mine and a classic sci-fi film. Now, if they were to set it up so it could

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