Death Is My Business

Forget Clowns, This Is What Every Birthday Party Really Needs!

Hello Fiends, Who needs clowns when you can dazzle the partygoers with knife thowing? Who knows, this could be your Grandma—and that would be amazing! Enjoy, ~Curtis Rx

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Falling Out Of Her Eyes?

Hello fiends, This was already debunked as a hoax, but it’s still impressive nevertheless. Enjoy! Hope all is well, ~Curtis Rx

Pretty Much The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Heard, EVER!

Hello boils and ghouls, All I have to say is WOW, I want this played at my funeral—well, if I was mortal I mean. Maybe I can play it at yours? Hope all is well, ~Curtis Rx

I Want This For X-mas, I’m Putting It On My Amazon Wish List!

Hey Fiends, I’m On Facebook Now Too!

Hello Fiends, I finally got around to getting a personal Facebook page. If you have some time, send me an add and help me cause a little mischief over there. Curtis Rx on Facebook Hope all is well, ~Curtis Rx

Rare Creature Feature Advance Release CDs Of “The Greatest Show Unearthed” For Sale, Win Our First Stage Outfits!

Hello Fiends, The last few days we have been in the process of moving our studio and as we cleared everything away, stumbled upon a box of rare advance cds of “The Greatest Show Unearthed” we had made long before the re-release in stores. These cds are packaged in a

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There Is Plenty More Blood Where That Came From!

Hey fiends, I wanted to write a blog entry to thank everybody who has taken the time to explore my website, read my writing, leave a comment, and tell their friends about Villains And Vaudevillians. The response has been great and I am going to do my best to post

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Hello Fiends, Welcome To My Official Website!

Hello Boils And Ghouls, Welcome to my official website. This project has been a long time coming and I’m glad to finally get it off the ground. It will be the place where I will post about all my projects and offer up most of my writing online to read

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