Death Is My Business

New Webisode Posted: Meet Damien, Your Everyday Average Undead Drummer!

Hello fiends, I just posted a new webisode on my Youtube page. Shot, edited, foleyed, and scored in less than 24 hours. Please plaster it everywhere and anywhere =) Meet Damien, your everyday average undead drummer! Hope all is well, ~Curtis Rx PS. If you enjoyed the video, please leave

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Two More Songs I Composed For ‘Playing Dead’!

Hey fiends, Since this week was the premier of the first two episode of a new web series called ‘Playing Dead’ that I scored, I’ve decided to post up two more short snippets of music. The first is the short opening credits song called ‘The Art Of Playing Dead’. This

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‘Playing Dead’, A New Webseries I Composed The Music For Is Now Online =)

Hello boils and ghouls, Just wanted to write a short blog to let everybody know the the first two episodes of the webseries ‘Playing Dead’ are now online. ( Directed by Ted Raimi, starring & written by Suzanne Keilly, with music composted by yours truly. Please tell all your friends,

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And So It Begins!

Such Safety Finds Us Trembling Lambs Environed By Wolves.

What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

Hey fiends, The time has come to state the things we want to achieve in the coming year, so here it goes. My new year’s resolution is to finish all the strange little projects I have lying around. It’s going to be a massive amount of work, but here is

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Welcome To The Handlebar Mustache Club!

Hello fiends, Check these guys out! Kinda makes me want to grow a mustache and see how the other half lives. Mark my words, someday I will start a club like this for people of the sideburned variety. We will assembly monthly over cocktails to speak of our many adventures,

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The Greatest Photograph Of Freddie Mercury, EVER!

Hello fiends, I just wanted to let everybody know about my latest discovery, the greatest photograph of Freddie Mercury, EVER. If you’re a Queen fan, you’ll rejoice. If you’re not a Queen fan, then hopefully this will make a believer out of you. Mark my words, someday I will pay

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Brand New Song Posted: “Once More, With Gusto”!

Hello boils and ghouls, As mentioned in one of my latest blog entries, I’ve been keeping extremely busy with a ton of strange projects and constantly jumping back and forth between all different kinds of genres. So, as a little thank you for all your support, I wanted to post

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First Look: Exclusive Photo From The Set Of Ghostbusters 3!

Hello fiends, Late last night I received an urgent e-mail from a contact of mine who is is part of a film crew working a top secret project currently lensing in Los Angeles. He wouldn’t say what the name of the film was, but he did extend an invitation for

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News For December: (Secret Music Projects, Ebay Auctions, Film Scoring, & Chapbooks)

Hello boils and ghouls, Is it December already? It has been awhile since I posted any kind of update on the strange experiments I’ve been toiling away with in the laboratory and you’ve probably been silently thinking to yourself, “Curtis must sit home all day counting his gold bars, sharing

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