Death Is My Business

Brand New Edgar Allan Poe Buried Alive T-shirt!

Hello fiends, Your favorite undead duo Creature Feature is currently in the studio writing our next ghastly album and we’ve decided to exhume an unused, never before seen t-shirt design from our archives to help fund it. All proceeds from this exclusive t-shirt will help us unearth our brand new

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Brand New Dr. Sawbones Limited Edition T-Shirt

Hello fiends, I’m pleased to announce our new limited edition Dr. Sawbones t-shirt. The front is a re-imagining of our long gone tote bag depicting the chance meeting of a lady and a gentleman in a dark alleyway. If you look closely, their shadows show the man’s true identity and

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Welcome To Death Is My Business!

Death is my business and business is good!. Here in this lovely little graveyard I call home you’ll find all the latest news from Villains & Vaudevillians and my other devious projects. Come walk amongst the headstones, peruse the crypts, or lose yourself in the mouldering halls of my mausoleum.

Brand New Bumps In The Night Limited Edition Hoodie!

Hey fiends, It’s been a long time coming, but we are pleased to announce our brand new limited edition ‘Bumps In The Night Zip-up Hoodie’. Remember those blood-thirsty monsters hiding under your bed and those razor-toothed creatures lurking in the closet you feared as a child? Well, they were real

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The Gorey Demise T-shirt Is Back For A Limited Time!

Hello fiends, We have decided to do a very limited reprint of our ‘Gorey Demise’ shirt for our upcoming Los Angeles show at the Edwardian Ball February 19th. We are printing some extras for those of you who missed out on this shirt the first time through. We have limited

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Order The New Creature Feature Album ‘It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…’!

Hey fiends, I’m pleased to announce that our brand new album ‘It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…’ is officially out today, just in time for Halloween. Since nobody goes to record stores anymore and we are releasing the new album on our newly formed independent record label ‘Villains And

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The Brand New Unearthly Ones T-shirt!

Hey fiends, Due to popular demand, we now have an option so you can order ‘The Unearthly Ones’ T-shirt separately. We are down to only 20 left, so order yours today before they are gone for good. UPDATE: These Are Now SOLD OUT! Stay weird, ~Curtis Rx

The New Creature Feature Trick Or Treat Tote Bag!

Hey Fiends, We’re pleased to announce our brand new ‘Creature Feature Trick Or Treat’ tote bag to carry all your plundered treats on All Hallows Eve and any items you need to conceal from wandering eyes; knives, nooses, body parts, etc. The black cotton canvas bag is 15″ x 16″

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Join The Creature Feature Mailing List & Check Out Our Facebook Page For New Music!

Hey fiends, We’re switching over our Creature Feature mailing list to a new server so those of you who have already signed up, check your inbox for the confirmation e-mail. If you have not signed up, please click the link and do so today to make sure you get our

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Curtis Rx’s New Solo Album ‘Dead Beat’ Is Officially Out, Order Your Copy Today!

Hey fiends, Such safety finds us trembling lambs environed by wolves, the time has arrived and DEAD BEAT finally rises. My debut album from my solo project Rufus Rex is finally complete and ready to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting world. The album is a concept about one man’s quest

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