Death Is My Business

Welcome To Death Is My Business!

Death is my business and business is good!. Here in this lovely little graveyard I call home you’ll find all the latest news from Villains & Vaudevillians and my other devious projects. Come walk amongst the headstones, peruse the crypts, or lose yourself in the mouldering halls of my mausoleum.

Get The New Creature Feature Album ‘American Gothic’ Today!

Hey fiends, Merry Halloweenmas! Our brand new album ‘American Gothic’ has finally now been unleashed unto the world. Just like we did with our last album, we have released it on our own independent record label ‘Villains And Vaudevillians’, this album will not be available in stores. You can either

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Check Out The New Creature Feature ‘Cthulhu Kong’ Double-Sided Poster!

Hey fiends! Check out the brand new Creature Feature ‘Cthulhu Kong’ double-sided poster and see what horrors we accidentally unleashed this time. For more info, please click any of the banners below to go to our official online store. Poster Details: Double-Sided Size: 8.5 x 22 inches Paper Stock: 100lb

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Listen To The Brand New Creature Feature Single ‘American Gothic’ Now!

Hey fiends, What are you afraid of? It’s been a long time coming, but here’s the brand new Creature Feature single ‘American Gothic’. Please spread it like a plague to all your fiends. Don’t forget to leave a comment on the Youtube page. The song is now available on our

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Welcome To The Rebirth Of Villains & Vaudevillians!

Hello Boils And Ghouls, Welcome to the rebirth of my official website for all things weird ‘Villains & Vaudevillians’. This project fell to the wayside for a spell while I was knee deep and digging myself out of the depth of a few other ghastly project. I will try my

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New Creature Single ‘American Gothic’ Out 8/18/15!

Hey fiends, Check back Friday the 28th at 4:00 pm (pst) for the premier of the new Creature Feature single ‘American Gothic’, the title track from our upcoming new album. Stay weird, ~Curtis Rx

Brand New Creature Feature ‘Wretched Raving Raven’ T-Shirt!

Hey fiends, With Halloween right around the corner, Creature Feature is quickly gearing up for the spooky season again. We’re proud to announce our brand new ‘Wretched Raving Raven’ t-shirt. Poe taught us to never trust a raven, especially if it’s perched upon a skull. The shirt is single sided

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‘Death Coins’ The First iOS Horror App I Co-created Is Out Now!

Hey fiends, I recently teamed up with the ghoulish D.W. Frydendall (you can see his ghastly artwork on our last four single covers) to bring you an onslaught of horror themed iOS apps. Our first game ‘Death Coins’ is available now for a free download. If this app does well

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Listen To Brand New Creature Feature Single ‘Mad House’ Now!

Hey fiends, All of this aggression and fury inside me as seeped into the bones of this old house. It’s been a long time coming, but here’s the brand new Creature Feature single ‘Mad House’. Please spread it like a plague to all your fiends. Don’t forget to leave a

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Brand New Creature Feature 4th Annual ‘Everyday Is Halloween’ T-Shirt!

Hey fiends, It’s come to our attention that in the hustle and bustle of the season’s creepiest holiday, we forgot to release our annual ‘Everyday Is Halloween’ limited edition T-shirt. So we’ve decided to rectify that gratuitous error and celebrate Halloween in January. Our 4th annual ‘Everyday Is Halloween” shirt

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Free Creature Feature X-mas Postcard With Every Purchase!

Hey fiends, Since it’s everybody’s second favorite month, October being the best of course, we’re giving away a free double-sided Creature Feature X-mas postcard with every purchase from our website until January 15th or while supplies last. All you have to do is just order a shirt or a cd

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