Welcome To The Blood Boutique

Down a long forgotten street, off the beaten path, and far from the curious eyes of the unknowing passersby lies a strange and dusty curio shop selling only the most ghastly accoutrements associated with Villains & Vaudevillians, Creature Feature, Rufus Rex, & Curtis Rx. Sell your soul and buy something nice.

7 Responses to Welcome To The Blood Boutique

  1. Migratory Zombie

    I’d kill Princess Peach. :]

  2. aos

    without the threat of death life would not be worth living…

  3. If life were like Nintendo, where I could press a pause button…I would have saved myself from making some horrible mistakes. Sometimes I wish I could do that…

  4. Mandieville666

    i would bang the princess! and stomp some shrooms and turtles!!!!!!!!

  5. let me think:
    My strategy guide would be worn and torn. My pause button would barely work. Sometimes I can’t get pass the first level. My restart button would break. I would lose my cheat codes. My eject button would get stuck every now and then. I would run out of free lives. And when I play an intense game…I don’t get any instant gratification.
    So if my life were like Nintendo…I’d still be screwed.

  6. BekkyS.

    Well if life were like nitendo i would:
    Tell Arokh he CAN land on that mountain (Drakken)
    Tell Leon he’s better off with a dog than Hunnigan(Resident Evil)
    Shoot the crap out of all the terrorists(any game that has guns and terrorists)
    Tell Bush he needs to get a life without saving and quickly restart my life from where i left off (aw crap! i forgot to save!!!)

  7. Severin

    Shouldn’t like be life in the 7th line?

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