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Check Out The New Creature Feature ‘Cthulhu Kong’ Double-Sided Poster!

Hey fiends! Check out the brand new Creature Feature ‘Cthulhu Kong’ double-sided poster and see what horrors we accidentally unleashed this time. For more info, please click any of the banners below to go to our official online store. Poster Details: Double-Sided Size: 8.5 x 22 inches Paper Stock: 100lb

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The Peculiar Press: Tears Of A Clown!

In North Carolina, a scenario straight out of our collective nightmares played out in real life when a 28-year-old man finally turned himself into police after dressing up in a clown mask and wig and paying a visit to an estranged acquaintance. Oh, and did I forget to mention that

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The Peculiar Press: Let’s Bury The Hatchet

In Kentucky, authorities received some strange and disturbing reports about an intoxicated ghoul with a chip on its shoulder stalking a local cemetery and looking to give somebody a piece of its mind, even if that somebody was a moldering corpse. The ghoul, which turned out to be just an

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The Peculiar Press: Life Is The Pits

In China, five unsuspecting people were waiting at a bus stop ready to greet the new day with open arms when a sinkhole opened up and swallowed them whole. At this time it is still unknown as to what actually caused the sinkhole, but a ten foot deep chasm opened

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Writing Tips To Die For: #85

The easiest way to fill a plot hole is with the lifeless bodies of your enemies.

Jail House Squawk

In India, a foul mouthed and feathered fiend was detained by police for harassing an 85-year-old woman to the point of madness. The woman claims her step-son spent two years meticulously training the parrot to verbally assault her with foul language and she has filed multiple reports with local police

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The Peculiar Press: What Lies Beneath!

In New York, police arrested three criminals who had cooked up a particularly strange get-rich-quick scheme that sent them deep into the bowels of the city. For years, rumors of lost treasure just sitting in the city’s underground sewer system have been spread throughout the internet and two fledgling criminals

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Notes From The Lab: #66

Full bodily dismemberment isn’t the answer, severed parts have retained their life force and escaped into the night.

Writing Tips To Die For: #52

The quickest way to get to the core of your characters is with a power drill, a wine opener will also do in a pinch.

The Four-Legged Arsonists!

In Pennsylvania, local police were at a loss in their investigation of a small house fire set ablaze by an unknown arsonist at large. Fearing that this fire might be the first of many, detectives dove into their suspect pool, but quickly emerged empty handed and out of leads. That’s

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